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ACMP Update

It is well known that drugs used in chemotherapy not only destroy cancer cells but also normal cells. Dendritic cells that are part of your body are known to be powerful antigen presenting cells capable of inducing cellular immunologic responses in humans. They are capable of capturing and processing antigens, and migrating to lymph nodes with the arrested antigens of the Malignant cell and thereby inducing a T-cell responses [ T lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) ]. This is a part of the immune system which is nearly 100 times more cytotoxic than the chemotherapy. ACMP will activate dendritic cells to initiate an anti-cancer immune response. This keeps the normal cells intact and reduces the side effects to very low.

This facility is not available anywhere as yet. But you can register here and we shall keep you informed and updated on the latest on ACMP

Dealers ab.

We at “TMC” research, manufacture, sell and provide after sales support for therapeutic electro-medical equipment. We are looking out for dealers all over the world to promote our equipment to hospitals, clinics, doctors etc. And this is the reason we are contacting you.

Presently we are offering Shock Wave Lithotripters for treatment of Urolithiasis and Sialolithiasis, Holmium Lasers for urinary surgeries and lithotripsy, IECP ‘Increased External Counterpulsation’ for treatment of CAD / CHF and other similar indications, Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization (ESMR) Therapy For The Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure, ED device for treatment for erectile dysfunction. Our mission is to provide highly automated and effective medical equipment without compromising the quality in exchange with lesser price.

We have adopted advances in technology to improve the support systems for our customers because we believe that our success is highly connected with our customers. Our support systems like online support ticket system, live chat support and knowledgebase have not only made it possible for us to make our own operations more efficient, but they have also made assistance, help, and information easily and promptly accessible to our customers/users.

Our highly efficient, innovative, and effective medical equipment and our prompt and personalized support service has helped us earn the reputation of being one the most accepted and dependable supplier of therapeutic medical equipment in India.

Let us join hands with TeraMed, together we can grow to new hights.

March 27th 2010

Dear Sir, We at TeraMed would like to draw your attention to the new business potential that the healthcare Industry is about to experience. We have already seen it happening with the slow bounce back of the economy. New projects or expansion of existing is on the anvil as per the latest survey. Banks have started pumping in money and new loans are already being disbursed. We at TeraMed are also gearing up for the new potential and are on the look out for new dealers in the unrepresented areas. W ...Continue Reading

Information for Cardiologists

We are manufacturers of medical equipment mainly for Cardiology and Urology.

In the field of Cardiology, our firm recently received an extremely favorable review for the use of Increased external Counter pulsation (IECP) which we hope may be of some interest to you. In case you missed reading it, we would request you to please visit https://iecp.2tmc.com

Since our service lends itself so well to your type of practice, we would appreciate having an opportunity to do business with you. We would also request you to let one of our representatives contact you to do business with you and also explain the silent features of our equipment.

Increased external counter pulsation (IECP) is the latest in velocity based ECP equipment for the treatment of cardiac insufficiency like CAD, CHF, Angina, etc.

This automated equipment has its own little brain that senses the cardiac Rhythm of the patient and automatically sets the right treatment pattern for the particular patient.

Price update

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